Thursday, March 28, 2013


After finding the bed and the nightstand on Craigslist I decided to search again for a cupboard that I could use in my kitchen at the new house. We are in the process of making renovations and will continue to rent until the renovations are complete. So I have time to pick out paint colors and just a few kitchen items that will go nicely with my new color scheme. There will be pictures of my before and after when the tasks are all done. In the meantime here are pictures of the cupboard I purchased on Craigslist, from a very sweet lady who was downsizing and what a bargain I got!

Monday, March 11, 2013


Here is the night stand that came with the bed that I found on Craigslist
Here is the night stand all finished and turned into a chest. I had to remove the drawers and add a wood panel to the front. I also had to remove the top panel, add hinges, paint and slightly distress. The inside is lined with fabric.
I wanted to paint something on the top or the front but my daughter thought I should leave it alone. I will live with it like this for a while and if the urge to paint something on it is still itching at me I'll probably give in to it.
It was a fun and simple I must finish painting that bed!