Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello Blog Friends!

I am busy helping with the renovations at the new house and in between doing a little shopping for my new space. There's not a lot of time for much else. We've got to get the new house finished or we'll be looking at renting the house we're in now for another month. I don't want to rent this house for another month the homeowners don't take the best care of it. There are lots of things here that need their attention and repair. I'll be happy to say GOOD RIDDANCE to this rental!
Here are a few pictures of my latest finds on Craigslist
All I had to do to the table was paint the base of it black
The four Windsors were a steal at $60! The next time you see the chairs a couple of them may be a different color =)
I did finish painting the bed that I got on Craigslist a while back but you probably won't see it again until it's actually set up in my new space.
Wishing you all a HAPPY SPRING! Audrey