Friday, February 7, 2014

My New Finds

I'll check Craigs List on a daily basis if there is something I'm passionate about finding. I've been looking for a Highboy and a Grandfather clock for months. I didn't want to spend lots of money for them because I knew I wanted to paint them. Finally on back to back weekends I found the two items that suited me just fine!
The Highboy cost me $213 and the Grandfather clock was just $69!
If there is something you're passionate about don't give up, you never know when it'll happen for you!


1890* said...

Wow that Grandfather clock was a steal!!Excited for you my friend.. such lovely finds displayed so beautifully in your new home
{{HUGS}} !!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh my, how wonderful, love the clock and your home looks so cozy, Blessings Francine.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

What wonderful finds and I look at CL almost daily but never found anything that wonderful. That clock is beautiful.

Isabella W said...

I just discovered your blog via another one. I can't believe the wonderful deals you have found on craigslist! I LOVE craigslist and find great things in my large metro area. Your highboy and grandfather clock look beautiful. Could you share how you painted them? Could you tell us a little about your casita? I'm glad I found your corner of the world!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Audrey, you surely hit the 'Jackpot'. They are both wonderful finds and they look just perfect for your sweet casita.

Carol Roll said...

Wonderful finds Audrey! did you paint the highboy? Love the way you decorate!

bayrayschild said...

Thanks for visiting my friends and leaving your kind comments. It's always so nice to hear from you all!


Mugwump Woolies said...

Audrey...once again you have worked your magic and
and created some wonderful pieces for your lovely home. The highboy is beautiful!
Wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine's Day!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Ooooooh you hit the jackpot, Audrey!! Love both pieces!!
We are Craigslist Junkies! ((giggle))

Lisa Diane said...

Ooooh!!! Is that a picture of the high boy AFTER you painted it....? It's LOVELY! What color did you use??
You find the BEST things on your CL over there....I'm SO jealous!! :-D

bayrayschild said...

Lisa Diane, yes, that is the Highboy after I painted it using Olympic's "Elephant Gray".

Thanks for visiting!